My love for coffee

Fairview estate established in 1909 with two main types of coffee; SL 28 and Ruiru 11

My love of coffee is one that i do not take lightly. It has me hooked. I have to take a cuppa at the start of my morning. I take about 3 cups a day , but on a good day I take about 5.My mother grew up planting , pruning , picking and delivering coffee to coffee factories in the Central Kenya. My father comes from the tea zones. I wonder what is their love. Mmmhh. (Story for another day.)

The coffee tree trunk could be about 8 years old
The coffee beans ready for harvesting .
Only ripe ones are hand picked

The other day I was at a loss. Mama Martin , my cleaning lady dropped and broke my french press. What is it ?

French Press- a coffee pot containing a plunger made of fine mesh with which the grounds are pushed to the bottom when the coffee is ready to be poured.
“the coffee here comes in a French press”
Fact Sheet
  • Kenyan coffee is rated the best in the world. It is so good it is used to blend other coffees just to improve their quality.
  • Kenya produced 45,000 metric tonnes in 2015.According to government data, Germany is the largest market for Kenyan coffee, taking up 25 percent of all exports. Other key markets are U.S. and Canada, which jointly consume 16 percent while Belgium absorbs six percent of Kenya’s coffee.
  • Kenya consumes ONLY 5% of  the coffee it produces.
I have been having coffee at people’s houses and cafes. My addiction has not been cured by the absence of it. In fact true to the words of ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’..William Shakespeare 
My friend ; Wambui mentioned last week about a coffee walk. A tour at a coffee plantation to learn more about coffee. The growing of it, the harvesting, the selection , the processing and finally the drying. Oh, my favourite is the tasting.
Millicent , the organiser and the day’s MC


One of the educators for the day
Coffee lovers
Last week on Thursday ; September 29 was International Coffee Day.
According to Internet sages and the arbiters of faux holidays, September 29 is Coffee Day (also known as National Coffee Day or International Coffee Day).
The origins of this day of caffeinated celebration are largely unknown, but who needs an origin story to justify that second, third or fourth cup? ….CNN
In this regard I visited a coffee plantation that had a celebration dubbed #KahawaFestival
Kahawa-Coffee in Swahili.
and more
and more….quite refreshing to see the coffee plantation
The coffee experts shedding more light on coffee.
The harvest is measured with this standard container
The pulping process
Washed coffee beans
A young coffee lover
The class in session
Drying of the coffee beans
Sofia pouring a cup of coffee
Just the way i love it. Strong and black
Kevin of Fairview and Lucy of Sweet Cakes tasting coffee
The fans
the grading
Sundowner at Fairview
Friendships would thrive here



Go have a cup of coffee.
with love

9 thoughts on “My love for coffee

  1. Those first pictures remind me of December holidays and going to shags, picking coffee and the highlight, taking it to the factory. Though I was town bred and could not carry a heavy load like others my age, I made sure I was in the quorum that went. It was such an adventure, this has just inspired a blog I will write.

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